You make a profit not only on a price

Do you know how much profit margin you will lose by decreasing a price by 1%?



fixed costs

variable costs


Based on McKinsey Research, Comparison of Profit Levers, Based on Global 1200 5-year trailing average economics

How can we help your business?

You choose the modules we will complete so you can accomplish your business objective.

Value Management
  • We will help you measure and determine I which is acceptable by your client.
  • We have the knowledge and tools necessary to increase your profit margin.
  • We will support you in price negotiations and provide you with arguments to defend the value of your offer.
Development of products
and services
  • We will map your client’s needs and determine how he decides and selects the product.
  • We will determine key factors differentiating your offer from the competition.
  • We will propose an innovative method for diagnosing a sales and customer service process .
  • We will select the means to develop your offer so that it becomes more attractive to your clients.
  • We will create the right message in order to increase your sales profit.
  • We will suggest well-tested methods of communication and promotion that really work.


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